Wandin Valley Estate and the Mighty Mouse

9/15/2014 12:27:27 PM

It’s been quite a while since we have had the time to visit the wineries of the Hunter Valley, and as the Cottage lies in the heart of the Hunter region-Lovedale, we are often drawn to the Lovedale wine trail on our visits to the Cottage Hunter Valley.

Wandin Valley Estate is one of the places we often admire on our drive through Lovedale, since the completion of the Hunter Expressway as we head to the Cottage. Just off Lovedale road sits a picturesque estate, well known by locals and regular visitors to Lovedale-not to mention those familiar with the Wandin Valley setting, particularly fans of the 1980’s Australian drama A Country Practice.

Like other wineries of the region, the Wandin Valley Estate has a market for brides to be. On our way down the long drive towards the cellar door lies the Cricketers Pavilion-another unique, historically themed wedding venue, beside a lovely picnic area with green, lush grass and picnic tables. We will be sure to visit with a bottle of red and a cheese plate in the not too distant future…..

For a Saturday it is unusually quiet at the Wandin Valley cellar door. It’s not long, however, before car loads of young, glammed up wine enthusiasts arrive, joining us to sample the wines on offer at Wandin Valley Estate. Kevin-the friendly Scotsman affectionately known as ‘Big Kev’ guides us through an impressive wine tasting menu, sharing an extensive knowledge of Wandin’s interesting varieties, but also chatting about the Hunter Valley and it’s ever changing wine market and community spirit.  

We certainly are not rushed out the door here-we hang around, for at least an hour becoming acquainted with the delicious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Shiraz that Wandin Valley Estate is fast becoming renowned for.  We are not the only ones to make a purchase of this delicious wine before farewelling Kev and heading off to our next destination-admittedly, a little gigglier than when we arrived…..

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